Pocket Pitter

Ag Engineering’s Pocket Pitter is a heavy duty reservoir tillage tool that implants a narrow 18 inch by 9 inch deep slice in between crops planted in narrow rows or on beds where the crop density is high. A heavy five spoke wheel with 2 ½ or 4 inch wide chrome castings on a common shaft roll through the soil creating the elongated pits with minimal soil disturbance implanting a long lasting reservoir that allow all plants access to available moisture.

The Pocket Pitter has been used successfully on onions, carrots, beans, grass seed, peas, wheat, greens, sugar beets, garlic, corn, and potatoes all with varying row and bed configurations.

The benefits of reservoir tillage with a Pocket Pitter are:
  • Water is distributed uniformly
  • Runoff and erosion are minimized
  • High speed application of the pits with minimal disturbance
  • Smoother surface for secondary processes
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